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Good Samaritan Stops Cop From Beating His Wife

Officer Jonathan Osborne, 34, of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department pleaded not guilty to beating his wife in a business parking lot on Feb 1.

The Courier-Journal reported Osborne was charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury, attempted battery of a police officer, resisting law enforcement and criminal mischief. While his lawyer isn’t contesting that the incident took place, the outcome might have been different had it not been for a good samaritan. 

Louis Mossey saw Osborne beating his wife and stepped in. "I just did what I thought was right. I just couldn't stand to see somebody get hurt. I know normally somebody's quick to grab your phones out and record it, but I just can't bear to see somebody treated like that. I just couldn't do it," he told WHAS11.

After the Super Bowl, Mosey was driving through Sellersburg, Kentucky, when the car in front of him crashed. He saw the male passenger yelling at the female driver. "The next thing I knew, he took two steps toward her and punched her in the jaw," Mossey said.

The woman fell to the ground and Mossey called for help as he approached them. "Before I knew it, she was trying to get up off her knees and he took two steps forward her and kicked her right in the head. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it," Mossey said. 

”I noticed he had her in a choke hold and he was standing behind her and her feet were barely touching the ground and I didn't know if he was trying to kill her or what.”

Mossey sprung into action and tackled Osborne, breaking his own wrist as he positioned himself on top of Osborne.

"I sat there for about 10 minutes, waiting for the cops to get there," Mossey said.

Osborne has been banned from contacting his wife and is out on bail. 

Osborne's attorney Bart Betteau said his client is "extremely sorry.”

"You can see what happened on the video," Betteau said. "No one could be proud of that.”

No charges have been filed against Mossey.

Sources: Courier-Journal, WHAS11 Image via WHAS11


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