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Good Samaritan Stops Bank Robbery Suspect

Good Samaritan Stops Bank Robbery Suspect

It's time to thank a hero for stopping a suspected bank robber. The man stepped up to help protect his city.

"It's up to us as citizens to say hey, enough's enough," said Michael Farrow. "We can help out."

At 10:00 a.m. Monday, a man is accused of passing a note to a teller at the National City Bank on Woodward, and then grabbing the cash and running out the door.

Good Samartian Michael Farrow saw him running down the street and decided to get involved.

Farrow has a CCW and was carrying a gun when he told the man to stop and get down.

"He actually thought I was a police officer at the time," he said.

Police arrived seconds later, taking 49-year-old Robert Lee Chandler into custody. He is a parolee, who police say has an extensive criminal history. The suspect will face charges.

Farrow's two sons, who were with their father at the time, also helped out.

"They recovered the money blowing down the street. So, that was there job," Farrow said. "I'm showing them how to be true Detroiters, true citizens despite if they're in Detroit or outside Detroit. It's if you see something wrong and somebody's doing something wrong, don't look the other way. You know, help out."

In exchange for a job well done, Police Chief Warren Evans gave Farrow and his sons a certificate of appreciate, thanking them for doing the right thing and helping keep Detroiters safe.

Detroit Police tell us that this suspect has already served time for bank robbery, and they are very happy to have him off the streets.


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