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Good Samaritan Saves Woman Being Beaten In Alleyway

Robert Carillo, a musician and producer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is used to being in the spotlight for his talent, but now he’s being lauded as a hero for helping a woman he found beaten in an alleyway in the early morning of Sept. 1.

Police were called to the alley where they found a 36-year-old woman, Fox 6 reported. Carillo, who goes by PhatBoy414, had come to her aid when he heard her cries for help. 

"I heard a woman saying, 'Help! help! help!' very loud," Carillo told Fox 6.

"I made an instant decision. That could be my mom. That could be my sister. That could be me,” he added. 

He grabbed a hammer and rushed outside.

"I just went outside — bolted — with my little sledgehammer. When I came out here, she was over here, dripping in blood — non-stop blood. I thought her face was completely gone,” he recounted.

He was so fixated on the woman’s injuries, he barely noticed the culprit was still standing there.

"When I saw him — he just takes off," Carillo said.

Carillo is aware that the situation could have ended differently if the woman’s assailant was armed.

"I completely ignored that. I just thought, 'What if it was me? What it was my mother? What if it was anybody?'" he said.

He added that he would do it again. 

"I don`t feel like a hero," he said. "I just feel like a regular guy standing up and doing what's right.

" ... I appreciate all the positive support — but for me, getting the positive support I'm getting, it shouldn't be that. We shouldn't have these situations happen in the first place.”

The woman was treated on the scene for minor injuries and the suspect remains at large.

Sources: Fox 6, Phatboy414/Twitter

Photo credit: Screenshot via Fox 6


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