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Good Samaritan Saves Dog Assumed To Be Dead In Middle Of The Road (Photo)

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A Good Samaritan in California saved the life of a dog he thought was dead after spotting her lying in the center of the road.

David Loop said he was driving along in Mira Loma, California, when he spotted a dog lying in center of the road that had been hit by a car, according to My Fox LA. Assuming the dog was dead, Loop decided to move her body from the road.

“I did a U turn and picked her up and moved her to the side of the road,” he told My Fox LA.

Suddenly, her eyes began to blink.

“I ran back to my car and grabbed a litter pan and put her in it and rushed her to my vet,” he said. “As I rushed inside they greeted me and got us to an exam room immediately!”

Though the dog — who Loop named Miracle — suffered a broken femur, she is receiving treatment thanks to the kindhearted man’s selfless act.

“I asked the Lord to give me wisdom to know if it's her time. I also asked God to please don't take my miracle away from me,” he said. “Later I saw she had made incredible improvement on Saturday. She was alert and climbed up into my lap. I knew then she was going to make it."

A GoFundMe page to cover Miracle’s medical bills was subsequently launched, and garnered over $12,000 in donations.

Sources: My Fox LA, Facebook

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