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Good Samaritan Returns Lost Wallet With A Note Containing Three Bible Verses

A South Carolina man lost his wallet at a gas station with $305 inside and all of his credit cards. A week later, the wallet was returned to his home address through the mail with a note containing references to three Bible passages.

Bruce Rylant was driving home from Atlanta when he stopped for gas at Raceway gas station in Thomson, Georgia. When he got home, he realized that his wallet was missing.

“Must have actually put my wallet on top of the car, on the trunk, and drove off without thinking about it,” Rylant told WISTV.

The wallet contained all of his credit cards, his driver’s license, his insurance cards and $305 in cash. He spent the rest of the afternoon in “a little bit of a panic,” calling credit companies to cancel his credit and debit cards.

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He called the gas station to see if anyone had returned his wallet but he had no luck. A week later, he received the package in the mail.

The package was from a Mr. N. Cummings from Sparta, Georgia and it contained Rylant’s wallet, with all the cash and cards in it, with a note attached it.

The note stated: “3 Scriptural reasons I am moved to do this. Please read them for yourself. Luke 10:27. Luke 16:10. Psalms 83:18. You’re welcome.”

Luke 10:27 reads, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Luke 16:10 states, “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful in that which is much.”

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The final passage, Psalms 83:18, states, “May people know that you, whose name is the Lord, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.”

Rylant was overjoyed by the stranger’s good deed so he decided to give something back.

“I bought a gift card for exactly the same amount that was in my wallet: $305,” Rylant said. “I told him that I hoped that maybe this could help his Christmas as much he helped me and my family for Thanksgiving.

“Hopefully, one day we can meet in person and I can shake his hand.”

Sources: WISTVLiftbump / Photo Credit: Screenshot from WISTV


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