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Good Samaritan Reportedly Raped Several Times At Abandoned Row House

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A good Samaritan was reportedly raped multiple times at a row house in Washington, D.C.

The victim was approached by another woman around 1 a.m. on Oct. 23 at a Camp Springs, Maryland, gas station, according to WJLA. The woman asked the alleged victim if she could drive her to southeast D.C. to meet her boyfriend, and she obliged. 

When she arrived, the victim says she was greeted by two men with a shotgun who led her into an abandoned row house where other men were waiting. The victim said the men took turns raping her in a bedroom for several hours.

Neighbors were shocked by the incident, saying the house had been empty for weeks and that they never noticed a group of men there.

“I can’t believe that,” neighbor Alonzo Wesley said. “It’s hard to believe.”

Tony Akhigbe, the owner of the property where the alleged rape took place, said he called the police after noticing someone inside the home. As he waited for officers to arrive, Akhigbe said he believes the suspects got away.

“Four guys came out of the house. Two of them went in a car and drove off, and two of them walked down the alley,” he said. “By the time police got here, they were gone."

Akhigbe said the woman returned to the home with police a short time later, and she informed him several men “had intercourse” with her at one time.

The role of the woman who asked for the ride was initially unclear.

The incident involving the woman is similar to another incident in the area in August, in which a man was forced into a van at gunpoint and raped by a group of men, reported WTTG.

Sources: WJLA, WTTG / Photo credit: WJLA 

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