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Anonymous Restaurant Patron Pays For Family's Bill After Toddler Starts Screaming

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A family in North Carolina received a generous gift when an anonymous patron paid for the family’s restaurant bill after their child threw a temper tantrum.

Melissa Wistehuff was with her family at Sammy’s Seafood House in Morehead City, North Carolina, when the incident occurred. 

“We’ve got a 7-year-old, a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, and it was our 2-year-old that was acting like he was 2,” Wistehuff told ABC 11.

According to Wistehuff, Ian, the 2-year-old, was being a bit of a handful to say the least.

“He’s certainly our most hard-headed of the group,” she added.

"It is quite frustrating if you're eating a nice meal and trying to enjoy your vacation and there's a screaming child right next to you," she continued.

Soon enough, Wistehuff found herself dealing with Ian’s enormous temper tantrum.

"He was arching his back and stiff as a board, hard to get him out of his high chair. He was screaming and crying," the mother said. "I immediately got up, got him out of his high chair, and took him out of the restaurant. And, of course, feeling like everybody is judging and rolling their eyes and looking at me."

When Ian calmed down, he was taken back into the restaurant. However, he was apparently not yet done with his temper tantrum.

“He let it rip,” the mother recounted. “He was really loud, screaming.”

When Ian’s father took him outside, Wistehuff asked a waiter for the $86 check. That’s when she discovered the generous gift.

"He said that our check had been taken care of by another patron at the restaurant," she said. "I said, 'What? You're kidding! Why would they do that?' He said they just so admired how we handled the situation. [We] got him out of the restaurant and not having to put the other people in the restaurant through a tantrum ... and I'm sure they also felt sorry for us."

Upon hearing the story, several people took to social media to voice their opinions and comments on the matter.

"We left olive garden and got our meals in to go boxes when our daughter acted up and didn't listen," one person wrote. "It's not only frustrating to those who're trying to enjoy their meal, its also frustrating to the parents of the child. Parenting doesn't come with a handbook, sometimes you have to wing it and suck it up and leave the restaurant and enjoy the meal at home."

"I understand if the kid is throwing a tantrum take him or her home but a little crying whining deal with it," another wrote.

Source: ABC, Facebook

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