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Good Samaritan Hunts Down Owner Of Cash-Filled Wallet

A woman’s good deed might have saved Christmas for one New York City family.

Annie Martin was riding in an NYC cab a few weeks back when she felt something at her feet.

"I thought it was a coke can," she told WABC New York. "I looked down. It was a wallet."

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Martin had a tough time deciding what to do next. She wanted to return the wallet, which had $340 in it, but there were no IDs or credit cards inside it. All she could find was a recent receipt to a checks cashed store, so she followed that lead.

At the Baychester Payment Center, Martin and WABC investigators spoke with clerk Sonya Carballo. Since every check holder gets their photo taken when they cash their check, Carballo used the receipt to pull up the wallet owner’s face and name. The wallet belonged to Gabriel Hernandez, a father of two who holds down three jobs to make ends meet. The $340 inside his wallet was an entire paycheck.

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"He cashes his check here every Saturday," Carballo told WABC. "That was his whole check, his whole paycheck in that wallet."

Carballo directed Martin and the WABC team to Hernandez’s apartment building. Minutes later, the wallet was returned its rightful owner.

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Sources: WABC, Fox News / Photo Credit: Screenshot/WABC, Wikimedia Commons


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