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Good News, Pro-Marijuana Bill Fails in California

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- Despite recent media claims of California being one step closer to taxing and regulating marijuana, it appears Assembly Bill 390 has died in the Health committee and will not make it to full assembly vote by deadline, leaving pro-drug advocates no closer to legalizing a toxic weed.

“Taxed pot is not the answer to any state’s economic crisis. Assembly Bill 390 would no doubt increase societal costs relating to drug treatment and healthcare which would far outweigh any generated revenue,” said Calvina Fay, executive director of Save Our Society From Drugs.

John Redman, executive director of the non-profit Californians for Drug Free Youth was on the front lines opposing this legislation and feels this is truly a tremendous victory for the people. “For the safety and well-being of California residents, particularly youth, I applaud the overwhelming opposition to AB 390. Plain and simple, pot is bad for the brain, especially young brains, and if our elected officials had continued down this path of destruction, there would have been no turning back,” Redman said.

“Public safety would have surely been affected by this legislation. The increase of domestic violence and child abuse associated with substance abuse would have been a likely result, not to mention increased drugged driving rates and vehicular fatalities. I applaud the legislature for not even hearing this bill,” concluded Fay.

Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S.) has over ten years of experience in monitoring and making policy recommendations on drug policy issues including those pertaining to marijuana as a so-called medicine. S.O.S. takes a comprehensive approach to promote sound drug policy that includes education, prevention, abstinence-based treatment, scientific research, and community awareness. For more discussion please visit our blog at


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