Golfers Might Have New Cool Mode Of Course Transportation In The Future Known As The GolfBoard

Is it out with the golf cart and in with the GolfBoard, a high-tech device that resembles a snowboard, for an upcoming round of 18 holes on the course?

The GolfBoard is the dream of a group of seven scientists, engineers, inventors and forward thinkers, according to The Blaze. They are hoping to generate enough financial support via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, to move the GolfBoard from the drawing board to fairways everywhere.

Mail Online reports that the new motorized skateboard allows golfers to move over to their ball at an impressive 12 miles per hour. A handheld controller allows the user to smoothly accelerate, decelerate, and reverse direction. The device, which is fitted with a lithium battery, can last for 36 holes.

The four-wheel drive board has a place to mount a player’s golf bag or you can just carry your clubs as you ride.

Paul Hodge reportedly came up with the idea when he got bored with the sport he'd been playing for decades.

“The GolfBoard makes golf fun again, I enjoy riding to get my ball, more than the golfing itself now,” Hodge said in a story on Mail Online.

The 40-year-old Hodge claims that his creation can encourage a younger generation to get into the sport.

“Golf needs to attract the younger crowds to survive as the average age of golfers is rising,” he said.

According to information on Kickstarter, GolfBoard will change the way you experience the game of golf. The easy to ride electric board makes getting from one shot to the next just as fun as hitting a great drive or approach shot. The GolfBoard speeds up the game, is easy and intuitive to operate, has less impact on a course than a golf cart, and allows golfers to surf the golf course in a way that feels similar to snowboarding or surfing.

The Kickstarter site indicates that the project will only be funded if $100,000 is pledged by 10:56 a.m. ET on Monday. As of early Saturday morning, slightly less than $22,000 is still needed to reach the goal.

Sources: The Blaze, Mail Online, Kickstarter


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