Golf Instructor Pleads Guilty To Molesting Students And Trying To Have Them Killed


A California golf instructor has admitted to molesting young children and then hiring a hit man to murder them.

32-year-old Anthony Michael Nisbet reportedly molested between 12 and 17 young boys who happened to be his students, and while in jail last year, the golf teacher reportedly attempted to hire a hit man to have two of the victims “taken care of.”

“From my training and experience that means he is asking to have the victims killed,” said Almeda County District Attorney Inspector Jeff McCord.

Reports say that authorities sent an undercover agent into prison pretending to be a hit man and recorded a conversation with the child molester about having the two specific boys killed and making them look like robberies gone wrong.

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This week, Nisbet pleaded guilty to some of the charges against him, including three counts of child molestation, three counts of solicitation of murder, and a count of possession of child pornography. 79 other charges against him were dropped as a plea deal, and as a result, he’s expected to be sentenced to around 27 years in prison during his sentencing hearing next month and will have to register as a sex offender until the day he dies.

Reports say that Nisbet had detailed information about his molestation victims that he wanted killed, including their addresses, and put it in a letter to the man he believed would murder them.

Sources: Huffington Post, Time, NY Daily News


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