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19-Year-Old Girl Breaks Into Florida Home, Puts On Owner's Pajamas, Steals Wine And Takes A Nap

Chancy Layton took an unusual thing when she reportedly broke into a St. Augustine beach house in Florida Friday night: a nap. The 19-year-old blonde, who resembles Goldilocks from the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” has been charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief after she made her way into the home and proceeded to act like she owned the place, reports the Daily News.

Layton reportedly took a shower, threw on a pair of pajamas belonging to one of the homeowners, and got her hands on a few bottles of wine and some snacks. She then feel asleep on the couch, which was where the Petocz family found her when they returned home early Saturday morning.

One of Layton’s friends, “Jeremy,” allegedly knew the family’s balcony door would be open and broke in through the back door, stole two bottles of wine, and left the door unlocked so that the teen could enter through it, notes the Huffington Post.

When Cheryl Petocz found the young woman sleeping on her couch, she says she was quite surprised. “Not what I expected to see when I walked into my house,” Petocz said. “There was lots of bottles of wine that she drank. She was clearly not in a clear state. I told her I was calling police. As soon as I said that, she grabbed a few things and ran out the house, out the back door.”

Petocz and her partner snapped a few photos of the girl before she woke up, took her clothes and ran out the back door, reports USA Today.

But the teen left her purse and pocketbook behind, which made it easy for police to track her down. Cops say the girl was “apologetic” when she was arrested and wanted to return the clothes she was wearing to the homeowner. She also told them she committed the crime because she did not want to sleep outside that night.

Sources: Daily News, Huffington Post, USA Today


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