#GoBeKind Recipient Who Was Helped Out Of Homelessness Gives Back To His Community (Video)


A father, who had received large amounts of help and support from his community when he was homeless, decided to give some of that back at an event on Nov. 14 in Denver.

James Moss moved with his son to Denver from New York with the hopes of having a better life, 9 News reports.

When Moss’s housing arrangements fell through, he and his son were homeless and without a car.

"It seemed like everything I was trying to do was falling apart,” Moss said, according to KDVR.

Moss received help from Leon Logothetis, a TV host, producer, author, and traveler, through the #GoBeKind Tour, where people perform acts of kindness to those in need (video below).

He gave Moss $1,000 and a week’s hotel stay.

Within a month, Moss was living in a shelter and had a job, but no transportation.

Through a GoFundMe account, $54,800 was raised in just 11 days to help Moss, 9 News reported. 

“Phenomenal,” Moss said, according to KDVR. “Unbelievable. It took off. I was like, 'Are you serious?’”

He said all of the help he received has made him want to give back.

Moss and several volunteers went to Civic Center Park on Nov. 14, and handed out sandwiches and other food to the homeless until supplies ran out, reported 9 News.

Moss said he hopes to do more events like this in the future.

Sources: KDVR, 9 News, Leon Logothetis / Photo credit: 9 News

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