Goat Tries to Climb on Blow-Up Chair, Video Goes Viral


The Internet sometimes awards odd videos with an enormous amount of attention.

A video (below) posted on YouTube by user "Shanon Casson" of a goat named "Dynamo" trying to climb on to a blow-up chair has received over 500,000 views since the Fourth of July weekend.

Dynamo has major problems trying to balance on the blow-up chair, notes The Huffington Post.

The Daily Dot noted that Dynamo reminded them of "MTN," which features a mountain that people cannot climb (video below).

MTN allows iPhone users build and admire their own mountain, but that's it, they can't climb it.

After you build your mountain via drawing, you can watch it as quotes, such as “I am sad about this clear summer night” and “I adore this quiet evening” pop up, reports the Daily Dot.

“The idea is to keep it running in the background while you do other things,” MTN's creator David O’Reilly explained to iDownloadBlog.

Your mountain can be viewed for 50 hours on MTN, while Dynamo lasts for about 90 seconds.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Daily Dot, iDownloadBlog


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