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Goat Sells For Almost $4 Million in Saudi Arabia, Igniting Social Media Firestorm In Middle East

With a United States attack on Syria looming and the latest round of Israeli-Palenstinian peace talks breaking down, one of the Middle East’s wealthiest countries, Saudi Arabia, is in the throes of goat-mania.

The country is abuzz with news of the sale of a goat by a Saudi businessman in the capital city of Riyadh to an unnamed buyer. What is this goat sale different from all other goat sales? The price tag.

Whoever purchased this particular goat is reported in the Arab media to have paid out 13 million Saudi Riyals -- or $3.6 million in U.S. dollars.

According to the English-language newspaper Al-Arabiya, goat experts say that the goat (pictured) has “unique features and is a rare breed.” But even in a country known for the massive wealth of its royal family and business community, Saudis were shocked by the extravagant price tag, even for a “unique” goat.

“If thats not money laundering I can’t figure what is,” said a Twitter post attributed to “Turki B.”

“This should not be encouraged ... especially when more than two million Syrian refugees languish in makeshift tents in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon,” said another internet commenter, quoted on the Arab News web site.

“We should use the God-given money in a useful way and for the betterment of humanity,” added another, quite sensibly.

There was no word as to who bought the goat or why, uniqueness or not, he thought it merited a price tag of almost $4 million.

SOURCES: Al-Arabiya, Arab News, Huffington Post


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