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"Go Topless Day" Part 2: This Time in Canada

It's the gift that keeps on giving -- if you missed Sunday's "Go Topless Day," in which women parade around topless (hence the name), you have another chance this Sunday. However, you have to go to Canada to catch a glimpse.

The annual event poses the following question: If men can walk around topless, why can't women? Hundreds of people turned out for events in a dozen U.S. cities this past Sunday. Women were either topless or wore pasties. Men were on hand as well, claiming to be concerned about equal rights for women.

Now the event moves North, with Toronto and Vancouver hosting rallies this Sunday. The point might be moot, however -- it is already legal in those two cities for women to be topless in public. But still...

Now the bad news -- the event is organized by a cult-like group called the Raelians. Members believe in UFOs and lots of other unusual things. But hey, they also believe in topless women, so they can't be all bad.


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