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PETA: GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons 'Full of Bull'

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Reigning Scummiest CEO of the Year Bob Parsons of Go Daddy claimed in his now infamous video that the elephant he gunned down was a "problem bull." Actually, it seems that Parsons killed a young female elephant. Joyce Poole, director of research and conservation at Elephant Voices, has studied elephants for more than 30 years. She said that the elephant's slender tusks and lack of visible genitalia leave her with "little doubt" about the elephant's age and sex.

sarahemcc/cc by 2.0

File it under "not surprising" that a billionaire who made his money exploiting young women would murder a young female elephant as well. But shouldn't someone so busy tooting his own horn about the shooting at least get the sex right? Poole wonders if it is "one more example of his macho arrogance and misjudgment."

As for Parsons' self-promoting claims of charity, the chair of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, Johnny Rodrigues, said that by killing a member of the elephants' family, Parsons only scared and angered the elephants, making the situation worse. "They have very good memories and the trauma makes them aggressive toward humans …," he said.  

With his "charity" excuse discredited, what will Billionaire Bob's next excuse be? Don't wait to find out. Send him an e-mail telling him that you are dumping Go Daddy's services today.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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