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Glow Stick Explodes In Boy's Face After He Microwaves It (Video)

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Despite his father’s warning not to heat a glow stick up in the microwave, one boy decided to try it and film the explosive consequences.

The boy, whose name is Jack according to the video’s description, cooks the glow stick in the microwave, then removes it and shows it to the camera just as the stick explodes. The contents fly into his eyes and he cries out in pain, yelling for his father.

“Jesus, are you kidding me?” Jack’s father says. “I have no idea what to do – I’ve got to see what to do – you ding-a-ling! God, I told you not to mess with a choking hazard.”

Oddly, Jack’s father reprimands his son for ruining his “beautiful” shirt.


“This is why you HAVE to go to school,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Jack’s older brother, who confirmed that Jack has made a full recovery and that his eyes are still in good working condition.

Since the video’s original upload on November 1, it has accumulated over 900,000 views.

Sources: Metro, 2 Day

Photo Source: DailyDot/YouTube


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