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Global Warming Will Increase Five-Fold Over Next Millennium

Science Daily is reporting that heating from global warming will increase five-fold over the next millennium. Citing a recent study from the University of Liverpool, the report warns that "the ocean’s ability to store excessive amounts of carbon dioxide over
thousands of years will affect the long-term heating of the planet."

"The ocean acts as an enormous carbon sink which naturally absorbs any extra carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere," the article goes on to say. "Its ability to store more carbon dioxide than both the atmosphere and
land provides long-term storage for the carbon dioxide emitted by human

According to Professor Ric Williams from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Liverpool, “The excessive amount of carbon in the atmosphere will make the oceans
more acidic and hamper the ability of the oceans to absorb further
carbon from the atmosphere. The extra carbon dioxide remaining in the
atmosphere will lead to an increase in the overall heating of our
planet, making sea levels rise and exacerbating the melting of the
Arctic ice caps."

Williams went on to tell Science Daily that “to prevent a situation like this from happening scientists are
working to develop carbon-capture techniques, which aim to remove
excess carbon from identifiable sites, such as the atmosphere around
fossil fuel plants, and permanently store them away.”



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