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Global Warming is Now a Religion

Novelist Michael Crichton said
that environmentalism had all the trappings of a religion: “Eden, the
fall of man, the loss of grace, the coming doomsday.” I never took such
claims entirely seriously. But then I heard this statement from a
Montana writer, Jim Robbins, interviewed by the “sustainability reporters” of government-funded Marketplace Radio:

There’s a saying that there are no atheists in foxholes.
I think there’s something along that line happening here. I mean, there
are still some people who refuse to believe it. But I think there’s
been an erosion of that disbelief and it’s changed pretty dramatically.

Darned if he isn’t using terms like “atheists” and “disbelief” in a
discussion of global warming. Almost as if he were, you know, a

Reporter Sarah Gardner, by the way, says that “in my own lifetime,
average temperatures in this country have gone up more than 2 degrees.”
That doesn’t sound like that much — maybe like moving from Washington
to Richmond? But anyway, unless Sarah is about 200 years old, she seems
to be exaggerating.

For a different view of global warming — not that of an atheist or
even a skeptic, just a non-fundamentalist or non-apocalyptic — see this short paper or this book by climatologist Pat Michaels.


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