Glenn Beck Tells Parents to Push Their Kids Against the Wall (Video)


Conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck gave viewers of his Internet program some bizarre parenting advice on Wednesday.

He was furious over a school assignment in the Bryant School District in Arkansas that asked students to imagine a scenario in which the Bill of Rights was “outdated” and instructed children to update it, noted

During a long rant, Beck repeated the conservative mantra that rights are given by God, not the government, which is an often-used code phrase to justify hating the U.S. government under President Obama.

Beck then told parents to push their kids up against a wall as a way to teach their little ones how their rights are granted, notes (video below).

“Ask your kids tonight at dinner, 'What gives you the right?' Challenge them. Get in their face,” Beck instructed parents. “Teach them a lesson. Push them.”

Beck then mocked parents' objections, "Oh, They’re going to cry, ‘I'll hurt their feelings. Push them!"

He commanded parents, “Because if you don’t do it now, it’s going to be much worse when they’re pushed and they’re shoved and they’re shot. Push them! Teach them!"

"They need to know the truth, and they need to be pushed up against the wall once in a while so they know they can defend themselves. They need to know they can survive so they don’t run like little girls crying at the drop of a hat. Push them!”

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("Parents pushing kids" part begins at 8:30 mark)


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