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Glenn Beck: Schools Give Kids ‘A Box Of Dildos’ But Not A Christmas Tree (Video)

Glenn Beck commented this week on an anonymous complaint in his home town of Bellingham, Washington regarding a high school award ceremony which included sex toys and profanity.

A parent who was offended by the ceremony at Bellingham High School told KOMO News that a drama teacher, Teri Grimes, who is set to retire after this year, used profanity during the ceremony. She allegedly told a distasteful joke about a pedophilic priest.

"I sat there with my mouth open in shock and the final straw was when a joke was told on stage about a teacher, a lawyer and a priest on a plane,” the parent wrote in an email. “The plane was going down and the teacher says 'we have to save the children.' The attorney says 'F*** the children!' and the priest says 'OOOOH...Do we have time for that???'"

The parent also said the awards given out during the ceremony were “trash.” One student was allegedly awarded “the horniest stud” and was given a dildo as a trophy.

“That’s my home town,” Beck said in a video for TheBlaze. “That’s Bellingham, Washington. I went to the rival school. I went to the nice school. That was always the rough part of town.”

“Shame on the school,” he said. “You can’t give a box of dildos in any school performance and tell me that’s a small deal.”

“You can’t have a Christmas tree in a school performance,” said one of his producers, “that’s not appropriate, but condoms and dildos are totally cool. Think about that. You can’t say ‘Merry Christmas.’

“Think about that,” she pressed. “You can’t bring the Bible, but you can bring dildos. That’s where we are.”

“I know!” agreed Beck. “It is — like we were talking about in the morning meeting yesterday — making good evil and making evil good.”

District officials are evaluating the incident and the mother who made the complaint says she is satisfied with the way officials are handling the matter.

Grimes apologized for her behavior in a statement on Tuesday:

"I deeply apologize for some very inappropriate comments and actions made during our drama students' end-of-the-year awards ceremony. This is not representative of our students who take such great pride in their school and respect one another. Much of the evening was a great celebration of their work. However, as a teacher and the club's leader, I take full responsibility and am extremely sorry."

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