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Glenn Beck Compares Paula Deen to Martin Luther King Jr. (Video)

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck recently defended embattled celebrity chef Paula Deen, comparing her to Columbus, Magellan and Martin Luther King Jr.

Beck also accused the Food Network of "McCarthyism" after it chose not to renew her contract after she admitted in a deposition in a civil lawsuit that she has used the "n-word."

Deen's autobiography also recalled her inventing a new sandwich called the "Sambo Burger," but her TV show producers would not allow her to use it.

However, Beck said on his Monday broadcast: "Paula Deen could be a racist, but I don't know, and neither do you."

“When you go down the road of suppression, suppression, discouraging people from speaking their minds, striking terror in the heart and being a slave to political correctness by making them all go away, you’re engaging in McCarthyism and we regress as a society and become less free. How can people advance if we suppress any thought? How can we advance if we train people not to rock the boat?” asked Beck, notes

“Where would the world be if Columbus and Magellan and other world explorers believed conventional wisdom that the Earth was flat? Or they were told, ‘That’s it, you’re not going anywhere, to jail with you?' Where would be be if Martin Luther King didn’t speak and challenge segregation and racism?”

Beck, who normally defends the glories of free enterprise and businesses doing what they want, attacked the Food Network for their business decision regarding Deen.

“Instead the Food Network caved and contributed to the growing un-American atmosphere of fear and silence,” said Beck. “Hello, Joseph McCarthy. We’re here, gang. All speech must be defended. Especially the speech that you do not like.”



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