Glenn Beck Claims Gun Control Laws will Lead to Slavery (Video)


Last night's Glenn Beck program on Blaze TV began with the host ranting about how the "Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to arm itself with massive stockpiles of weapons, ammo and mine-armored tanks" (video below).

However, Beck never once raised objections to the DHS buying weapons and ammo under the Bush administration for six years.

"The federal government is telling us, 'Don't worry, there's nothing to worry about. You just go hunting with a very small gun,'" Beck added.

However, the federal government has not made any such statement.

According to, Beck then claimed that the U.S. government was working to "further disarm American citizens" and that gun control had "racist roots" because of the 1800s laws against African-Americans owning guns.

"It's a whole lot easier to control an entire population if they can't fight back. Hmm, we learned that during slavery. What else were they doing during slavery? It's interesting that our school systems are failing and none of our kids can read when they get out of school. And at the same time, they are taking away our guns. Hey, those were the two things done to keep men slaves," claimed Beck.

However, there have been no gun control laws proposed that target any race or take away anyone's present guns, but rather ban the future sale of assault weapons and large magazines.

While the U.S. public school system lacks funding, thanks to GOP filibusters, Beck's claim that "none of our kids can read" is patently false.



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