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Glenn Beck Claims Conspiracy 'Set-Up' in Houston Shooting (Video)

After insisting for weeks that the Boston Marathon bombing was part of a U.S. government conspiracy, Glenn beck has finally moved onto to a new topic: a conspiracy theory regarding today's shooting at the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas (video below).

Beck broadcast his Blaze TV show live from Houston, where he is in town for the National Rifle Association's (NRA) convention, reports

Beck told his live audience that a man entered the airport with an AR-15 assault rifle, fired off a shot, was confronted by authorities and then took his own life.

He mentioned this all happened on the same week that the NRA is in town, but then added "that doesn't make sense to me."

He claimed "the idea that this is a coincidence ...  is too much to believe," but provided no proof of his claim.

Beck claimed that the gunman was depressed, but was stirred up by someone on the "uber left," sent to the airport with a gun, where he changed his mind, but took his own life rather than go to jail.

"If I were an honest journalist," Beck lectured, "I would find out where these guns came from. Were they purchased or were they illegal? Oh, if they're illegal, I could guarantee you this is a set-up. Someone knows history. I do.  At least I know enough history to know about the burning of the Reichstag."

Source: and CNN


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