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Glenn Beck Calls Michelle Obama A 'Monster,' 'Lady Macbeth'

On Thursday, conservative radio host and republican mouthpiece Glenn Beck referred to Michelle Obama as a “monster” and “Lady Macbeth” after viewing a recent confrontation between the first lady and activist Ellen Sturtz.

Sturtz, who is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activist had engaged Mrs. Obama and heckled her at a private Democratic National Committee fundraising event.

"She snaps," Beck said about the video of the exchange. "She walks away from the microphone, pretty much to confront the person, you know just like, 'bring it on.' And she says, you can barely hear her, you either talk and I leave, or I talk.

"She just went right back into the speech," Beck noted. "So this woman's a monster. She is Lady Macbeth. She is a frightening woman."

He then added: “And I’ll tell you something else. I really believe that she — Valerie Jarrett and Michelle and Ms. Eric Holder, that’s where the information is going. The wives are talking.”

Sources: HuffingtonPost, Rawstory


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