GLAAD Urges Apple to Remove Transsexual iPhone App


GLAAD has contacted Apple with serious concerns after receiving several reports about a transphobic iPhone application called “PeekaBoo Tra**y.”

The word “tra**y” is a defamatory term that dehumanizes transgender people and should not be used, so  it’s extremely disappointing that Apple has approved this item for sale. The “PeekaBoo Tra**y” site itself is also full of offensive, anti-trans material.

For a company that touts its commitment to diversity this judgment lapse on the part of Apple is even more egregious. Bilerico also posted a critique this evening saying in part:  “Now what does this wonderful can’t-live-without-it app do? You take a picture with it and — wait for it — it adds a “tra**y” into your picture. Get it? She’s playing “peekaboo!” in your picture.” Bilerico also called the app offensive and asked:  “What’s next now that Apple’s standards department is okay with stereotypes and slurs?”

We agree, and today GLAAD issued a formal complaint, asking that the company to remove this application. We will keep you posted on our progress.


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