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Giving Up Carbon for Lent

By Jessi Phillips

"Carbon fasting" during Lent is catching on: Many are using the 40-day period as an opportunity to reflect on their consumption habits and try out green lifestyle changes. Lent begins today, Ash Wednesday, and lasts until Easter.

The Church of England first encouraged carbon fasting in 2008, providing a 40-day plan to cut down on energy use. The plan included ideas like turning down the thermostat and checking your car's tire pressure. Several British bishops have renewed the call this year, urging fasters to give up their iPods or cell phones for a day to cut back on electricity use.

Interested in doing your own carbon fast? While it might seem overwhelming commit to 40 green lifestyle changes in 40 days, you can always just pick a few and stick to them. You might even find that switching to energy-saving light bulbs or starting a compost pile is a lot more manageable and rewarding than giving up cookies.


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