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Xmas Gift: Ask Obama to Sign Shark Conservation Act

The Shark Conservation Act of 2010 will ban the practice of shark finning, which involves catching sharks, cutting off their fins, and releasing them alive into the water to suffer a slow painful drowning death.

All for shark fin soup and other "delicacies". This act would close a loophole that banned the practice in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in earlier 2000 legislation, but omitted the Pacific Ocean. It also will require that boats in United States waters keep the entire shark carcass intact.

Besides the cruelty issue, shark populations are dangerously dwindling which is itself bad enough, but worse, when you consider that as scavenger fish, they are responsible for and essential to maintaining a thriving and clean ocean. As goes the shark, so goes other marine life.

For more information see and please - take a moment to ask President Obama to sign the Act.  It is a little effort for us to email - but it means the world to the sharks. Thank you.


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