Giusepp "Jersey Joe" Scire Denies It’s Him In Viral Masturbation Photo


The owner of a San Diego pizzeria is saying that a photo circulating around the Internet, showing a white-haired man masturbating in a pizzeria kitchen, is not him nor is it anyone else that works at his restaurant. Giusepp "Jersey Joe" Scire, the owner Jersey Joe's Pizzeria, denied it was ham when he was showed a copy of the photo.

"It is not me [in the photo] and that's not my pizzeria," Scire said. He mentioned that he had recently fired two employees and that one of his ex-workers might be trying to get back at him.

The alleged masturbator was discovered when 4Chan users posted links to several random, unsecured webcams, according to the The Huffington Post. The photo that is circulating shows a man in a white T-shirt and shorts sitting at a desk surrounded by a refrigerator, sink and containers that are used to keep pizzas warm.

Yelp users immediately took to Jersey Joe's restaurant page to make jokes.

"The white cheese pizza had an odd taste," one user wrote. "Five stars for such a relaxed gentleman assisting me."

Some else added, "So I just watched one of their employees masturbate in the back on their unsecured camera feed." That user added a link to the circulating photo.

Sources: The Huffington Post, UPROXX


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