Girls In Radical Brownies Earn 'Black Lives Matter' and 'LGBT Ally' Badges

A group for girls called the Radical Brownies doesn't award kids with badges for baking cookies as the Girl Scout of America's Brownies do.

These youngsters in Oakland, California, earn badges that say “Black Lives Matter,” “Food Justice,” “LGBT Ally,” “Radical Beauty” and “Radical Self-Love,” notes The Guardian.

The Radical Brownies were formed a few weeks ago to teach their members, between eight and 12 years old, about social justice, black history and the civil rights movement.

Radical Brownies co-founder Anayvette Martinez states on the group's Facebook page:

"Last year, my 4th grade daughter desperately wanted to join a young girl’s troop. As she was blooming into a young girl of color, I watched her begin to navigate her identity and growth. I saw the need for a group that would empower and encourage her to form bonds of sisterhood with other girls in her community. I began to imagine what a radical young girl’s social justice troop looked like; a group that centered and affirmed her experiences as a beautiful and brilliant brown girl against so many societal pressures to conform to mainstream ideals of girlhood."

Sources: Facebook, The Guardian
Image Credit: Radical Brownies Logo


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