Women Get Drunk And Do Major Damage, Face Consequences When Images Go Viral (Video)


An woman who was filmed trashing a bistro bathroom in Australia with a group of friends says she is now living a nightmare after the video (below) went viral on Nov. 24, 2015.

The 23-year-old woman, who wants to remain anonymous, told Nine News Perth that she has been barraged with abuse, and even death threats. "I've just been completely humiliated by the whole of Australia ... it's spread everywhere so quickly," she said.

"The death threats, being compared to ISIS, being told I'm actually worse than ISIS."

The woman, who was filmed dancing with a trash can on her head in the footage, apologized for her actions but claims she was unaware she was being filmed and is considering legal action against the person who recorded it.

"I'm pretty sure we've all done something behind closed doors that we would not wish anyone to see," she said. "You don't know how this can affect someone's life. It's completely destroyed mine and the other girls' [lives] -- don't sell someone else's life for a little bit of fame."

The person who filmed the event, told WAtoday the woman knew what was happening and even flirted with the camera.

The video, which emerged on Nov. 23, 2015, shows a group of four young women staggering around a bathroom at Botanica Bar and Bistro in Perth, covered in unrolled toilet paper, as one puts a trash can on her head and dances provocatively.

By the next evening, the clip had been viewed more than 250,000 times, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

Botanica venue manager Brodie Sherring said they had already identified the women in the clip and banned them.

"We do know who they are, and we have the facilities to place bans. We have everyone's IDs so we have the ability to ban them," Sherring said.

People online were not amused by the drunken exhibition, which happened around 9.30 p.m., according to witnesses.

"This is not funny -- it's appalling that young women getting so drunk and creating havoc is considered amusing. It's sad!" one said.

Others have voiced their empathy for the young women in the video. "Oh man, this is why I'm glad iPhones weren't around back in our loose days," another commented.

Sherring said the bistro has beefed up security: "I think we'll probably spend a little more time in and out of the bathrooms in terms of security just to make sure that nothing else happens."

Sherring added that some patrons had contacted him, as the footage had troubled them.

He said: "A lot of them feel a sort of ownership to the place, and after they saw that they felt a little angry that someone would bring the reputation of the place down a little bit like this. It's the ones who are pretty loyal to the place -- and that's most of our crowd on a Sunday -- and these girls who are in the videos were not here every week from what I've heard."

Sources: Sydney Morning Herald, YouTube / Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald

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