Girl's 'Friends' Allegedly Torture Cat, Feed It MDMA (Photos)

Girl's 'Friends' Allegedly Torture Cat, Feed It MDMA (Photos) Promo Image

A family said that their cat was abused and given illegal drugs by acquaintances who sent them a series of disturbing Snapchat videos.

In the middle of the night on Nov. 21, somebody sent Sharline Haglund's daughter the videos depicting the alleged abuse of the family's 1-year-old cat, Gigi, Haglund told CTV.

"Your cat loves molly," one of the captions reads in part, referring to the drug also known as MDMA or ecstasy.

Not only did they allegedly feed the animal party pills, but they also shaved the cat and threw it out a window, Haglund said.

"From the post you can see that he has a razor that he's looking like he's going to shave her hair, and said he wanted to give her a mohawk or something," she said of the suspect.

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Haglund said that she knew the people who had Gigi, as they used to be her daughter's friends.

"[Gigi] got outside and because the people know my daughter, and probably the cat knows them, she would've went there with them or somehow ended up at their house," she explained.

She said that the cat might have also been bathed in bleach, but she wasn't sure whether or not that actually happened.

"It's just getting worse and worse," Haglund told CTV before she found Gigi, according to Vice News. "They let her go, drugged, in the middle of the night and now she can't find her way home, or she's not even able to."

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She feared the abused animal wouldn't make it home alive in the freezing cold of Vancouver, Canada.

"If it's been forcibly given some type of drugs and it's experiencing the effects of that, and it's a cold rainy day -- my understanding is it was also abandoned in an area away from its home -- it's put into a very unfortunate and dangerous environment," animal protection officer Tina Heary told CTV.

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But after a family friend's Facebook post describing the incident went viral, a good Samaritan located the unfortunate feline.

"She came running up to me and meowing like crazy," the person who found Gigi told a local gossip site, according to Vice. "I quickly knelt down and put her in my hoodie to warm up. She is indeed shaved and very shaky, she also has 666 [shaved] in her ear. Her owners came and got her and she is safe."

Authorities are investigating, although no charges have been filed, notes CTV.

Sources: CTV, Vice / Featured Image: Psychonaught/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Facebook and Sharline Haglund via CTV, Facebook via Vice

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