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Girlfriend Plays Insane Prank On Boyfriend; Should She Be Arrested For It?

A girl played a shockingly dangerous prank on her boyfriend that resulted in many people calling for her arrest.

In the clip, the woman can be seen lighting a string of firecrackers that surrounds her boyfriend while he sleeps in bed. The firecrackers start to burst, then explode in a violent flash of light and smoke. 

"Dude, I think I did way too many," the girl exclaims. At one point in the clip, someone is heard asking the girl to call 911. 

Many questioned the girl's judgment, saying that the prank was extremely dangerous. 

"What an amazing job trying to kill your boyfriend! You need to be put down like the human retard that you are! I hope this so called boyfriend pressed charges and you are sitting in jail right now!" one Newsiosity reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"What is wrong with this idiot woman? I can't believe my eyes. This has assault written all over it. Did she do this in her own residence? Is this a rented house or apartment? Regardless, this is a big fire hazard. This woman needs to be prosecuted & the guy needs a new girlfriend ... One with @ the very least with an average IQ," another added.

Sources: NewsiosityNewsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: Newsiosity 

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