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Girlfriend Pepper-Sprays Toilet Paper In Revenge Prank On Jokester Boyfriend (Video)

A woman who constantly gets pranked by her boyfriend and his pranking partner decided to get her beau back by pepper-spraying toilet paper before he used the bathroom.

In the now viral clip from Viral Brothers, the infamous YouTube pranking team, the Czech woman who was repeatedly pranked by her boyfriend decided to get back at him by using pepper-spray on the toilet paper. In the clip, the woman says she was “sick of pranks on me,” and boasted, “today will be my revenge.”

The woman proceeds to spray the toilet paper with pepper-spray and set up a camera outside of the bathroom. When her boyfriend Cenek suddenly ran out of the bathroom, he was holding his back side and asked his girlfriend, “What is it?”

As he hobbled around in pain, his girlfriend finally explained that she had pepper-sprayed the toilet paper he used to wipe himself. She offered to give him ice cubes from the freezer, but after he began to apply them to his butt, the prankster girlfriend revealed that she also pepper-sprayed the ice cubes.

By the end of the clip, Cenek is shown climbing into the shower fully clothed and using the shower head to relieve his pain.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Inquisitr / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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