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'It Really Wasn't A Question': Man's Girlfriend Asks Him To Choose Between Her And His Dog (Video)

Humans really, really love dogs. Why wouldn’t we? They’re great companions. Some humans love their dogs so much, in fact, that they’re will to trade the love of a human to stay with their canine friend. Take Scott Laudati, for example.

Laudati’s girlfriend came to him recently with an ultimatum: get rid of the dog or get rid of me. Laudati says his choice was a no-brainer.

"When [my girlfriend] gave the ultimatum, it really wasn’t a question,” he told HuffPost Live. "I lived in my car for, like, four days with my dog before my parents would let us come back to their house. But I would have been homeless with her forever."

Of course, Laudati wasn’t leaving a flawless relationship. He and his girlfriend had been spiralling downward for months. If anything, Laudati says, the dog accelerated his relationship’s end by exposing problems he and his girlfriend previously covered up.

"I sort of got the dog, I guess, to try to save the relationship," he said. "I mean, I’d always wanted a dog, and we were living in a terrible area, so I thought getting a dog was probably the best idea. I mean, we would have fallen apart anyway. This definitely accelerated it."

To hear more about Laudati’s story, watch this HuffPost Live video. Moral of the story? Dogs Trump Humans.

Source: Huffington Post

Photo credit: Scott Laudati


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