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Girlfriend Busts Boyfriend's TV After His Cheating Prank Backfires (Video)

A couple of YouTube pranksters decided to prank one’s girlfriend, but it’s clear that they didn’t expect her reaction.

Erik Meldik, half of the ViralBrothers duo, decided that he’d play a cruel joke on his girlfriend by posing for a picture in his bed with another woman and leaving it in his phone for his girlfriend to find when he was out of the room. He obviously expected her to look through his phone when he wasn’t around, so he thought that messing with her would be good revenge for her snooping. Unfortunately for him, however, her reaction to finding the picture left him with a financial consequence.

After Meldik’s girlfriend finds the picture on his phone, she angrily grabs her stuff, yells at him from the other room, writes a note on a piece of paper, and stabs the note into the TV with a pair of scissors, ultimately destroying the TV which presumably cost the man close to a grand.

The prank has already gone viral in the few days since it was posted, and extended footage released shows that the girlfriend has a hard time recovering from the cruel joke. Metro UK points out, however, that the girl clearly has a sense of humor of her own, as a past prank played on her in a similar fashion (below) wound up being a double revenge prank by her that got him good in the end.

Source:Metro UK / Photo Source:YouTube


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