21-Year-Old Who Killed Two Students While Drunk Driving Gets Two-Year Sentence

Canada courts sentenced a young woman to two years in jail for killing two college students and seriously injuring another while driving drunk, speeding and texting.

The 21-year-old, who was 17 when she ran a red light in Winnipeg, killing the two students on Halloween 2010, tried to get a minimum sentence of probation only. When she heard her maximum sentence of two years in jail plus one year of probation, she broke down in tears, reports Winnipeg Free Press.

She was not the only person unhappy with the verdict.

"Today was definitely a disappointment, but I guess, talking to a lot of lawyers in the last five years, this is supposed to be deemed fair — although I don't think it's fair," Heidi Subramaniam, whose 17-year-old sister was killed in the crash, told CBC News.

The prosecution tried to have her sentenced as an adult, in which case she could have received up to five years in jail.

The defense maintained that the young woman, who pled guilty in late 2014 to two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, learned her lesson and is still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the accident. 

But Subramaniam had a different take on it.

"It took this individual almost five years to plead guilty, and [she] did so because this person was running out of options to, I guess, get out of jail sentence,” Subramaniam said to CBC News. “The lack of empathy. The lack of remorse. I almost feel like we're sending another message out, not just to youth but to people in general, that drinking and driving, impaired driving, distracted driving is not going to get you in trouble."

The defendant, who allegedly drank half a bottle of rum the night of the accident, later admitted that she often texted while driving and drove drunk, despite having some close calls, reports Winnipeg Free Press.

"I understand why you all hate me, why you want the worst to happen to me and why you think I’m a monster," the young woman told the court earlier this year at the beginning of her sentencing.

Sources: CBC News, Winnipeg Free Press / Photo Credit: gdbaker/Pixabay


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