Girl Threatened With Knife By Classmate, Father Not Notified By School

The father of a student at Patton Elementary school in Roseville, Michigan, says the school did not notify him that a fourth grader pulled a knife on his daughter and threatened to kill her and a friend.

Michael Guiffre found out about the incident when his daughter wrote him a note explaining what had happened.

She went into great detail as to what occurred, and ended with the statement: “Now I am Scared DAD.”

According to Guiffre’s daughter, while she was at lunch with a friend, two boys sat down across from them at a table and started calling them profanities. They also said the girls were fat and kicked them.

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One of the boys then reportedly pulled out a pocket knife and told the two girls he was going to kill them. 

Guiffre’s daughter says she told a school administrator, Mrs. Gaska, what happened and was told to tell Mrs. Willows. It is unclear what positions either of the women hold at the school as the staff directory on the school’s website is unavailable.

Guiffre is infuriated over how the school handled the situation—and the fact that they did not tell him what had happened, reports My FOX Detroit.

"I'm just really appalled with the fact that the principal didn't find it necessary to have contacted me when this incident happened,” Guiffre said.

Guiffre said he spoke with the principal but was not given the answer he was looking for.

A statement was released by Superintendent John Kment about the incident: "As a parent, he was not notified and we need to make sure that with any incident in the future, parents are notified immediately. We will make sure this never happens again."

Kment said the incident was not reported until later in the day to a teacher and that the school immediately called the police. He does realize that the incident should have been taken more seriously and acted upon sooner.

The boy bullies were suspended from school, an action Guiffre called a “relief.” He hopes this incident reminds school officials and parents that bullying should always be considered a serious matter.

"For kids to learn this kind of language and talk about killing other fourth graders - where do they learn this kind of stuff?" Guiffre said.

In the 2013-2014 Annual Education Report (AER), Principal Jeanne M. Williams wrote that Patton Elementary school was not given one of three possible status’ from the state of Michigan: Reward, Focus, or Priority. A Reward school outperforms other schools in achievement, growth, or performs better than other similar schools. A Focus school has a large achievement gap in 30% of its student achievement scores. A Priority school has achievement and growth in the lowest 5% of all schools in the state.

Williams also noted that: “Every day our staff finds new ways to enhance teaching, learning, and engaging your students to reach higher levels of academic success.”

Sources: My Fox Detroit, Roseville Community Schools / Photo Source: My Fox Detroit

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