Girl Finds Out Pepper On Her Chips Is Really Dead Ants

An Oregon girl was shocked to discover what the "pepper" on her potato chips really was.

Emily Wagoner, a high school student in Beaverton, Oregon, was eating at a Pita Pit when she noticed something odd about the "pepper" on her Miss Vickie's potato chips -- it was actually dead ants.

"Never go to a Pita Pit ever OMFG literal dead ants all over my chips and I thought it was seasoning so I ate them," Wagoner wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of her chips.

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The teen says she complained to the store about her discovery and the store manager offered her a new bag of chips. She told Cosmopolitan she was not happy with the apology from the store and that she plans to never eat there again.

After seeing Wagoner's tweet, the Pita Pit Twitter account sent the teen a direct message in which the representative apologized for the incident and offered to give her a $50 gift card. Wagoner felt that was still not enough based on how she was treated by the store manager and the fact that she was never refunded for her meal.

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Wagoner says that she wants to see proof Pita Pit is taking action with Miss Vickie's to fix the issue, notes Elite Daily. She added that a $50 gift card "just seems insulting."

The teen is still awaiting a reply from Pita Pit.

Sources: CosmopolitanElite Daily / Photo credit: Emily Wagoner/Twitter via Cosmopolitan 

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