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Girl Takes Selfies On Night Out With Her Friends When Old Woman Says Something, She Responds By...

Girl Takes Selfies On Night Out With Her Friends When Old Woman Says Something, She Responds By... Promo Image

A teen's selfie with an elderly woman went viral for good reason.

Mahri Smith posted several photos to Twitter of herself alongside a group of friends as well as an elderly woman. The young woman from Ottawa explained the situation in a tweet.

“This lady in the washroom, looking at me, said ‘I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out. I miss that,’” the teen explained.

“So I said: ‘Why miss it? We’re all out right now aren’t we?’ Story short we have a new friend.”

Smith and the woman smiled wide as they posed in mirror photos together, thoroughly enjoying their new  friendship.

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The photos quickly went viral, with many praising Smith for her gesture towards the woman.

“I know how this older lady feels. I just turned , and I do miss going out with friends, but I'm also an introvert. But we 'older' women miss having the girls over, getting dressed up and going out. But on the flip side? I NEVER have hangovers or forget where I parked my car! LOL, WTG girls, you made that lady very happy,” one BuzzFeed reader commented in response.

“This is the kind of thing I love to see-good on her for lifting up another person's spirits without needing to get something out of it. Well done to her and to her parents for raising a great young woman,” another added.

“Trust me. Its just like your mama told you. Your body gets older, but your mind stays young. Only took me till I was about 30, to figure out she was right! I'm 57 now, and it seems just like yesterday, I was taking my own hand-written get out of class slip into the pricipals office to cut class......good for you girls. We are only as old as we feel!” one reader wrote.

Some readers even got emotional when they saw the interaction between Smith and the elderly woman.

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“OMG MY HEART,” one user replied to the photos.

“I almost cried,” another added. “That’s adorable."

Sources: Daily MailBuzzFeed / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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