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Girl Scouts' Mom Petitions to End Partnership With Nestle

The health-conscious mom of two Girl Scouts from California is petitioning the organization to end its partnership with Nestle after she and her daughters discovered the high sugar content in each of its limited-edition, Girl-Scout-cookie-flavored drinks.

Monica Serratos and her two daughters, who are in the first and third grade and are both Girl Scouts, were reportedly walking through the supermarket when they spotted the Nestle Nesquik bottles, which feature the Girl Scouts logo. Serratos says she had recently provided her daughters’ troop with a health lesson about the dangers of hidden sugars in products and what to look for on nutritional labels, reports ABC News.

“Their faces literally dropped,” Serratos says of the moment she showed them the Nestle label and they discovered each drink contains a whopping 48 grams of sugar, which is twice the amount of sugar children are supposed to consume in one day, according to the American Heart Association.

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With help from her young girls, Serratos started a petition on to try and convince the Girl Scouts to stop their partnership with the brand. The petition has so far received more than 6,000 signatures.

“It’s not being marketed toward adults,” Serratos said of the popular drink. “We’re not interested in this little brown bunny on the bottle.”

The Girl Scouts of the USA wrote on its website that it considers cookies a “snack or special treat” that should be consumed in moderation. The organization did not respond to requests for comment and has not said whether the petition will affect its partnership with Nestle.

Source: ABC News

Photo Credit:, Monica Serratos/ABC News


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