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Teen Girl Completes Bucket List In The Most Selfless, Tragic Way (Photos)


Rebecca Townsend, a 17-year old from Brookfield, Connecticut, had three bucket list goals. One of them was to save a life, and she selflessly gave her own to do just that.

Townsend wrote her bucket list as part of a school assignment to write a letter to herself during her sophomore year, Women's Day reported. The letter was to be returned after graduation. In it, Townsend said her three goals were to go to Spain, kiss in the rain and save a life. 

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On July 2, Townsend — who had already completed her first two goals, according to her cousin, Rachel Hofstetter — was on her way to go see a fireworks display in Danbury with her friend, Benjamin Arne.

As they were crossing the street, the teen spotted a car coming right for them, and proceeded to push Arne out of the way. As a result of saving her friend’s life, Townsend was killed by the impact of the collision with the car. 

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Shortly after her tragic death, Townsend’s family found the letter she wrote to herself on her bed. Upon reading it, they realized that she’d completed all three of her goals. 

“This story could be about loss, but vibrant and happy Rebecca would prefer it be about love,” Hofstetter wrote in a Facebook post. “So take a moment and hug the person you don’t always hug, and then do it again. And then say ‘I love you’ to the person you don’t usually tell, and then say it again.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram via Women's Day,


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