Girl Gone Wild Tamara Favazza Wins $5.8M Lawsuit


Not a bad bargain for a couple seconds of nip slip.

Tamara Favazza won a landmark lawsuit against makers of the softcore erotic film series Girls Gone Wild. According to the complaint, a GGW director approached Favazza at the Rum Jungle Club in St. Louis, Missouri.

Favazza admits that she danced for the camera, but insists that she never intended to show her breasts. Frustrated by her unwillingness to expose herself, the GGW director allegedly lifted up her tank top for her, exposing her nipples.

That incident occurred when Favazza was a 20-year-old undergraduate. Now a married stay-at-home mom, Favazza says she was shocked to discover that her breasts appeared in a film titled “Sorority Girl Orgy 2.” Favazza learned of the film credit when one of her husband’s friends came across the movie by chance.

In the lawsuit she claimed that the appearance has damaged her marriage and caused her to lose face with some members of her conservative, catholic family. Favazza insists she never intended to appear in the movie.

“I was having fun until my top was pulled off. And now this thing is out there for the world to see forever," she told the Post Dispatch. Judge Garvey sympathized with the young co-ed and ruled that signs posted around the bar did not amount to implied consent for Favazza to have her top pulled down, as a matter of law. He awarded her $5.77 million.

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