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Girl Shares Startling Fear Weeks Before She Is Murdered (Photos)

Girl Shares Startling Fear Weeks Before She Is Murdered (Photos) Promo Image

Several family members of a 15-year-old Maryland girl said that nobody saw it coming when she was found suffocated to death in a dumpster, but the girl's grandmother had a chilling revelation: just a few weeks earlier, she told the woman that she was afraid somebody would try to hurt her.

On the afternoon of August 16, high schooler Maleigha Solonka's body turned up in a wooded area after she disappeared on August 9, reports WBAL. Police are investigating a possible homicide, but they have not yet released any public information about any suspects.

"When she woke up that morning, she said she was going to get her nails done with her mom, and I haven't seen her ever since," said Darlene Champ-Dupree, Solonka's aunt and one of her legal guardians. "We are broken, and she was a part of our family. We love her we miss her."

Though police did not confirm this information, Solonka's grandmother, Donna Elliott, said that the girl was found in a dumpster "with a pink shirt that was ripped, and naked."

"A couple of weeks ago, she came to stay at my house because she feared that someone was going to hurt her," said Elliott. "She will be greatly missed by so many people. It's almost unbelievable to believe that I'm not going to see my child again."

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Solonka's family members said that she had a rough childhood and was a victim of domestic violence, but she always held onto her bright personality that made her so popular among her peers, according to WMAR.

"She has had a hard life, and I wanted to amend her, to make her feel better," said Champ-Dupree, according to WBAL. "It's very difficult to believe anything I'm hearing. She didn't deserve it."

Elliott said that the girl "was an awesome softball player" and had "such a bright future" ahead of her.

"This isn't fair," said Elliott. "I hope whomever did this rots in hell."

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Her family said that they thinks she got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Now, they just want to know what happened to her.

"It's just a sad moment right now and I wish things were different but we can't change what happened but what I will say is that we will get justice for you and that I love you with all my heart," Solonka's uncle, John Burton, said through sobs, according to WMAR.

Sources: WBAL, WMAR / Featured Image: Heavensowns/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Facebook via Daily Mail

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