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Girl Finds Priceless Locket In Lake

When 6-year-old Journey Roldan found a locket while swimming at a local park in Fairview, Oregon, she had no idea that it was priceless to another family.

“I saw a silver thing and I picked it up,” she told Fox 12 Oregon.

Journey brought the locket to her mother, Winter Roldan, who examined it a little more closely. It was engraved with, “Roo, with u always, Daddy,” and “Daddy’s little girl,” according to Fox 12.

“That’s what made me think it was special,” Winter explained to Fox 12.

Suspecting that this might mean the world to somebody, she posted a picture of the tarnished heart-shaped locket on a Facebook lost and found page.

Merely 20 minutes later, Aimee Price responded to the posting.

“I just saw the hand holding a black heart and I knew it was hers,” Price said, overcome with emotion.

It was her daughter, Morgyn’s locket. After Morgyn’s father, Bryan Morrill, passed away suddenly, Price bought her daughter a commemorative locket containing his ashes. Morgyn’s father used to call her “Roo.”

Morgyn lost the precious locket two years ago, when it slipped off while she was swimming in Blue Lake Park. She was never able to find it, even after she spent hours combing the area.

“It was emotional,” Price explained to Fox 12. “[It was] like he died again, and I think that was the hard thing for me and her, it just felt like we were going through it again, we were going through the grieving again.”

Two years later, the family has some relief. “I’m excited to give it to her and put it back on,” Price said.

Morgyn, who currently lives near Seattle, wanted to pick up the locket herself, but she is just days away from giving birth to her first child.

“That little girl, she did something really good,” said Price.

This is not the first time Facebook has solved the mystery of a lost locket. In March 2014, Bianca Sisneros lost the silver, heart-shaped locket filled with her sister’s ashes at a Jamba Juice in Sacramento, California. Somebody found the locket and posted it on Facebook. Thousands of shares later, Sisneros found her locket, according to News 10 ABC.

Sources: Fox 12, News 10 ABC
Photo Credit: Fox 12


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