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Teen Escapes After Abduction From Own Driveway

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A young girl escaped from the vehicle of two alleged kidnappers after being abducted from her own driveway in broad daylight. 

"Momma, they took me. They took me," Deanna Adegite heard her daughter, Malasia, cry into the phone one terrifying evening, WABC reports.

Malasia, 13, was abducted from in front of her home in Spring, Texas, around 5 p.m. on March 27. She was checking the family's mailbox. 

Malasia told police that two men in a Honda with tinted windows pulled up to her while she was in front of her home and asked her if she knew where a certain person lived. Malasia chose not to answer their question, turning around to walk back into her house instead.

When she was faced away, one of the men allegedly grabbed her from behind and forced her into the back of the vehicle. 

Malasia said that the passenger of the vehicle was grabbing her while she was in the car, ripping the shirt she was wearing underneath her jacket. 

Adegite knew her daughter was missing and began calling Malasia's cell phone with no response. The mother even called Malasia's friends to see if her daughter would answer the phone for one of them, but still no answer. 

"I said, this is not [like] Malasia," she told WABC.

After searching and worrying, Adegite's phone finally rang. It was Malasia calling from a Shell gas station, telling her mother, "I'm sorry."  She also said, "They took me."

"Why would you want to say you're sorry [after] something like that?" Adegite tearfully asked while recalling that emotional phone call. 

Malasia said she was in the vehicle for what seemed like 15 minutes before she was able to jump out in a residential neighborhood. Once out of the car, she ran as fast as she could until she reached the gas station. 

"When she finally got where she could just get her mind right, she got out of the car and was just running," Adegite told WABC. 

"She ran and ran. She said she kept running and didn't even want to look back."

While she is relieved to have her daughter home safe, Adegite added that she is worried that whoever snatched Malasia may attack another child in the area. 

"Someone had to be sitting around the neighborhood just seeing who they can and cannot take, looking in the area for someone [to take]."

The Harris County Police Department is investigating the abduction and looking for surveillance footage and any information from the community that might lead to the identification or arrest of the alleged kidnappers.

Sources: WABC / Photo credit: WABC

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