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Girl With Down Syndrome Saves Baby Sister From Drowning (Video)

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A Michigan girl with Down syndrome found herself playing the hero when she discovered her 3-year-old sister had fallen into the pool (video below).

Carin Richardson, 12, was swimming in a backyard pool in Mundy Township, Michigan, with her family when they decided to go inside. That is when she noticed her 3-year-old sister Jac’Lynn had fallen into the pool.

“Jac’Lynn got out and followed behind and attempted to get in her swim tube in the pool and went through to the bottom,” said their mother Tomarra Richardson.

It was then that Carin decided to go in after her baby sister.

“Without panic or fear, (Carin) grabbed her goggles, got in the water and pulled her sister out of the pool and into the house,” the mother recounted.

The child began coughing up pool water while the other sister, Krystal Bishop, contacted emergency services.

The 3-year-old was soon rushed to the hospital where she was given a clean bill of health.

“She was our hero,” said Tomarra. “She saved her sister’s life.”

Considering Carin’s Down syndrome, the Richardson family is hailing the incident as a miracle.

“People with Down’s, I mean, they’re not always the fastest reactors,” said the mother.

“Carin definitely reacted really fast,” said Bishop. “I mean, she wasn’t really scared at all.”

According to Carin, she was not scared during the incident. She is also grateful her sister is alive.

The family told reporters it has since added more locks to the pool to prevent another accident. There are also now alarms on the front and back doors.

Source: LiftBump, WJRT / Photo credit: LiftBump


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