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Girl Ditches Boyfriend For Ride In Private Jet (Video)

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A YouTube prankster tricked a girl into ditching her boyfriend and getting on a private jet with her -- before exposing her gold digger ways (video below). 

In the video, called “Private Jet Gold Digger Prank! (EXPOSED),” YouTube star Coby Persin approaches the woman at a train station and invites her out. 

“I'm actually meeting my boyfriend,” she tells him, after saying that her name is Lauren.

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“Oh, you have a boyfriend? Oh, man. Right I'm going to leave you alone, you have a good night tonight with your boyfriend. Take care,” he replies, before approaching her again and asking for her Instagram handle.

Persin’s friend then approaches in a car and tells him that their jet was leaving soon.

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“You have a jet?” Lauren asks. 

“Yeah, we're just here on business but we're going to Miami and then we're coming back here later because we have a meeting in New York,” Persin responds.

“You want to come? If you want to come, I mean, you said you have something to do or whatever.”

She agrees, and joins him in the car to the airport. 

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Once on the plane, Lauren calls her boyfriend and cancels their plans, telling him that she was sick.

“It's OK. I'm just sick a little bit. I am really in pain so... I cannot make it tonight. I am really sad too. Babe, I am so sorry. Love you, bye,” she tells her boyfriend. 

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Persin then asks Lauren to take a photo of him looking out the window before the plane takes off. 

“You are going to be outside, I'm going to be with my head to the window and just get like a sick pic,” he tells her.

But when she's ready to take the picture, he asks her to back up a couple times before telling her, "I don't do jet-diggers! You're not coming on my jet."

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Airport staff then takes the young woman away.

“She canceled on her boyfriend to come on the jet. She's not coming in,” Persin says to the camera, Daily Mail reported.

Sources: Coby Persin/YouTube, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Unilad/Facebook

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