Girl Cuts In Line, Guy Makes Her Pay (Video)


A woman who cut in line ended up being the victim of theft from the man behind her, who proceeded to steal from her purse (video below).

In the clip, the woman can be seen pushing through a small crowd of people waiting in line at the registration desk of a hospital. She cuts in front of two men waiting to be seen and begins to speak with the desk attendant. 

The men close in on the woman and quietly take around $15 out of her bag as revenge for her inconsiderate actions. One of the men then spots the security camera that was filming the incident, and the clip ends soon after.

Viral Nova reported that the incident occurred in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The clip received mixed reactions, though many applauded the man.

“Gonna be honest, she cut in line, he took some cash and gave her the important stuff back- Dude's a beast,” one viewer commented on YouTube. 

“I see no crime here. She paid a fair price for his place in the line. I would call it a mutual understanding, she didn't ask him if was ok to cut in line, and he didn't ask if it was ok to collect his fee,” another added.

Sources: Live Leak via YouTube, Viral Nova / Photo credit: Live Leak via YouTube

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